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Add Style and Comfort to Your Windows at Lauck Auto Inc.

When you want superior window tinting in Findlay, Ohio, count on the experts at Lauck Auto Inc. Having an extra layer of comfort and style for our vehicles can be a nice addition. Window tinting helps keep us cool during the trip, and gives us a little bit more privacy on our travels. You could also use window tinting as a way to help those with certain medical conditions, including skin cancer.

That is why our technicians take great pride in the quality of window tinting work they do. No matter what style you want, count on us to apply the appropriate tinting allowed by state law. Call us at (567) 250-9627 today for an appointment and a free quote on your window tinting.

Count on Our Technicians to Know Ohio’s Window Tinting Laws

No matter why you want window tinting, our window tinting technicians know the limits the law allows. For instance, in Ohio, the front side windows must allow 50 percent of light in for sedans, SUVs, and vans.

Lauck Auto Inc. has the experience to window tint vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our shop uses the most dependable and strongest materials available. That ensures they will stand up every day against the elements like rain, snow, sleet or anything in between. If you need window tinting repair for any reason, we help make the adjustments needed. Get the full enjoyment of the benefits that come with exceptional window tinting for your vehicle.

Window Tinting Offers Great Benefits for Your Vehicle for the Long Term

There is a wide variety of tint on the market. Our full-service auto shop at Lauck Auto Inc. is proud to provide them here at a great price. Get ceramic, carbon, metallic, hybrid, and dyed films for your vehicle with superb workmanship. Each of these options offer great possibilities for your car, and that can mean increased comfort and safety.

Ceramic tinting blocks UV light, resists fading, blocks out heat, and prevents glare. Carbon is strong, prevents fading, and protects your interior. Window tinting helps keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Metallic window tints protect windshields while hybrid blocks any reflective appearances. When you want to discuss your vehicle tinting options, reach out to our shop.

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